ABS Herbal Tea®

Benefits of ABS Herbal Tea®


Savor Europe’s choice flavors of anise and peppermint mixed in pleasant harmony with the Chinese favorite, nutrient-rich bitter melon.

Experience the ancient oriental way to lighten up your body’s heavy burden at the end of each day.

ABS Herbal Tea® helps wash away the day’s unhealthy accumulated toxins and waste taken in from regular food intake. This allows you to gain a light and right body weight.

ABS Herbal Tea® is good for...

1. maintaining a right body
2. removing harmful toxins from
    the digestive system,
3. a regular bowel movement,
alleviating constipation

How to Prepare the Tea

Place tea bag in cup of boiled water. Cover cup and allow to dissolve for 3 minutes. When warm savor the aroma and soothing taste of ABS Herbal Tea®. You can add lemon or honey for added flavor.

ABS Herbal Tea® is ideally taken after supper.