ABS Sambong Tea®

Benefits of ABS Sambong Tea®



Sambong - Blumea Balsamifera

Sambong is a remarkable medicinal plant that grows wild in the Philippines. It is commonly used in capsule form or as teas in the treatment of kidney disorders. Doctors in the Philippines routinely prescribe Sambong now for the dissolution of kidney stones. Sambong is also known as a diuretic, and is used in cases of hypertension and mild to moderate congestive heart failure. Sambong is high in essential oils, and contains significant amounts of camphor oil.

Sambong is one of 10 herbs that have been approved by the Department of Health in the Philippines as being effective in treating certain disorders. The department of Science and Technology has conducted extensive tests on Sambong. Clinical studies, including double blind/placebo radomized studies, have shown Sambong to be both safe and effective in the cases of kidney stones and hypertension. There are Sambong products on the market now in the Philippines that have been approved by the Bureau of Food and Drugs and are routinely prescribed by doctors.

The leaves of Sambong are also used as a tea in the Philippines, and as a cure for colds. It is also said to have antidiarrhetic and antigastralgic properties. It is also used as an expectorant. It is given for worms and dysentery. It is one of the most commonly used medicinal herbs in the Philippines.

Link to Information on Sambong - Blumea Balsamifera : www.philippineherbs.com

ABS Sambong Tea® is made from 100% natural and fresh sambong leaves. It is good for people with urinary track infections, kidney disorders, family history having kidney stones/kidney diseases. Drink regularly to keep your kidneys healthy.

How to Prepare the Tea

Place tea bag in cup of boiled water. Cover cup and allow to dissolve for 3 minutes. When warm savor the aroma and soothing taste of ABS Sambong Tea®.