On March 15, 2008, a day before the 487th commemoration of Ferdinand Magellan’s “discovery” of the Philippines, Filipina businesswoman, Grace Galindez-Gupana garnered a historic honor for her country when she became the first in  Asia to receive  a total of seven (7) awards from Guinness World Records, the world’s ultimate authority on record-breaking achievements.

Last year, Ms. Gupana reaped her first two (2) Guinness in 30 days for making the Largest flag in the world - that of Israel - and the world’s biggest banner called the 777 Yahveh’s banner, comprising large-scale flags of the Philippines, Israel,  South and North Korea. Both were unfurled in Masada, Israel near the Dead Sea on November 25 and December 25, 2007 respectively.

March 15, 2008, Ms Gupana racked up five (5) more citations in just one day:
1. LONGEST DRAWING (5 kilometers and 7 meters) of a serpent, dragon and a beast with 10 horns representing Lucifer-Satan and antichrist in the Book of Revelation. These were burned after which  the LARGEST 10 COMMANDMENTS TABLET in the world ever was unveiled (20ft x 30ft).

Healing Life, Healing the Nations - Health and Wellness Campaign.  More than 3,000 thousand people attended at the HalleluYAH Prayer Mountain for All Nations and were given ABS Products-ABS 7 Bitter Herbs capsule, ABS ION Water, 777 Healing and anointing oil also ABS T-shirt with World Guinness Record logo.

Mr. Marco Frigatti, Guinness’ Head of Records Management personally adjudicated the entries and presented the awards to Ms. Gupana at the Halleluyah Prayer Mountain in Pintong Bocaue, San Mateo, Rizal.
Ms. Gupana is the Vice President/CEO of ABS Gen Herbs International Corp, a Filipino company which is an acknowledged leader in natural herbs, established in 1999 and headed by her husband, Paul as President.

Check Guinness World Records Website:

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Herbal Supplement Company
Appoints New Distributor

ABS Herbs, the manufacturer of ABS Bitter Herbs capsule, ABS Herbal Tea, Charagen Ampalaya Tea, Kolestrim and Grace VCO, appoints Getz Bros. Philippines to be its exclusive distributor in the Philippines. Getz Bros. Philippines boast of a strong and experienced sales force, a wide logistics network all across the archipelago, with more than 90 years of distribution experience. This new partnership will ensure the presence of ABS Herbs products in all supermarkets, drugstores and groceries nationwide. Signing the contract are Ms. Grace Gupana – Vice President of ABS Herbs, Mr. Paul Gupana – President of ABS Herbs, Mr. James Simkins – Director of Corporate Development in South East Asia for Getz Bros. and Mr. Ed Mauricio – Vice President for Sales and Marketing for Getz Bros. For retail outlets who wish to order please call 631-1511 to 16 or visit www.abs-herbs.com.ph for more information about ABS Herbs products.

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ABS Herbs Recognizes Retail Partners

The ABS Herbs Company has accorded recognition to its various suppliers and partner retailers. One of the company’s partner retailer is Mercury Drug Corporation which assist ABS Herbs in ensuring the presence of its various products in more than 500 Mercury Drug branches nationwide. In picture shows (from left) Hilbert Bulusan – Business Development Officer of ABS Herbs, Jacinto Conception – Vice President of Mercury Drug, Ms. Cora Lim – VP- Merchandising of Mercury Drug and Rad Saringan – Sales and Marketing Manager of ABS Herbs. ABS Herbs has always been in the forefront in researching, developing, and marketing high-quality herbal based products. Majority of its products’ raw materials are sourced from Filipino farmers thus providing jobs to thousands.

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ABS Bitter Herbs Receives Herbal
Supplement Award from Watsons

Once again the herbal supplement trend-setter ABS Herbs Company receives an award for its ABS Bitter Herbs capsule as the herbal supplement brand of the year from Watsons Personal Care stores. ABS Bitter Herbs bested all other herbal supplements in its category as the product most sought after in Watsons outlets. The product has been used by many Filipinos in the control of diabetes. Receiving the award are (center) Rad Saringan – Sales and Marketing Manager of ABS Herbs and Hilbert Bulusan – Business Development Manager of ABS Herbs. They are flanked by Earl Stanley Perez – Merchandise Controller of Watsons and Rose Baruga – Category Buyer of Watsons. ABS Herbs stands in the forefront as one of the few Pinoy firms who sources majority of its raw materials from the Philippines which ultimately helps provide livelihood to hundreds of farmers. It has its own manufacturing and research facility to ensure quality in every aspect of the manufacturing of its products.

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ABS Herbs a Superbrand

The Market

Within the past decade, herbal medicine has gained increasing importance, with both medical and economic implications. In developing countries particularly, as much as 80 percent of the indigenous population still depends on traditional systems of medicine and medicinal plants for healthcare. The World Health Organization (WHO) has forecasted that the global market for herbal products will be worth US$5 trillion by the year 2050. Europe and the United States are the two major herbal products markets in the world, with a market share of 41 percent and 20 percent respectively.

Widespread use of herbal medicines has raised questions about their quality, safety, and efficacy. As part of its overall global strategy of “health for all”, the WHO has begun the extensive task of reviewing the world’s scientific literature of commonly used herbal medicines to promote global harmonization of herbal health claims.

In the Philippines alone, the growth of natural dietary supplements, primarily herbal-based products, is estimated by independent surveys to have reached PhP700 million in sales in 2003. There are some 100 herbal products in the Philippine market ranging from single herbs, to combination herbs, to herbs with extracts.

Established in 1998, ABS Gen International Corporation has been making life better by introducing natural herbal dietary supplements when it launched its products in 1999. Its manufacturing company, Philherbs Nutraceutical, ensures that its products contain only the best ingredients to deliver 100 percent of nature’s nutritional potency, thus making life better the natural way. These products identified with better living are ABS Bitter Herbs® capsules for providing nutritional support of diabetics, ABS Herbal Tea® for detoxification and CharaGen® Ampalaya/Bitter Melon capsules and tea for helping prevent diabetes.


ABS Gen Herbs International Corporation was given the Rising Star award as a special citation at the Sixth Golden Shell Awards (GSA) 2002. The award recognized the company’s introduction of the first Filipino ampalaya-based products as “diabetes food supplement” to the world market - ABS Bitter Herbs® capsule, ABS Herbal Tea®, CharaGen® Forte Bitter Melon (Ampalaya) Tea - via the company’s participation at the well attended Natural Products Expo West (NPEW) trade fair in Anaheim, California in 2001. For its highly creative marketing and promotion strategies resulting in the acceptance of ABS Bitter Herbs® in the American, Japanese, and Middle East markets, the GSA was given by the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM), an export promotions agency of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

ABS Herbs also received an award from the Asia-Pacific Shoppers Choice Institute for its blockbuster product ABS Herbal Tea® as the Number One Herbal Tea Brand in the Philippines in 2004. The award was conferred based on the product’s effectiveness, affordability, and consumer preference. ABS Herbal Tea® is composed of three local herbs that are fiber-rich and which flush out toxins, indigestible food, and waste.

An independent survey in 2003 of 1,000 respondents shows that ABS Herbs is the most recognized herbal supplement company in the Philippines. A survey in 2004 shows that the company generated the highest volume sales among all herbal supplement marketers in the Philippines. ABS Bitter Herbs turned out to be the top-selling ampalaya-based herbal product in the country.

All ABS Herbs products have been subjected to various tests by independent laboratories and are approved by the Bureau of Food and Drug. They have likewise been recipients of excellence awards such as the National Consumers’ Quality Award and the National Consumers’ Excellence Award.


Company Founder and Vice President Grace Galindez-Gupana has a more colorful tale to tell, one that started much earlier than the success story that is all about ABS Gen Herbs International today. Always a creative and hard worker, Grace embarked on a boom-and-bust business cycle by repeatedly being successful in a venture, but eventually always failing at it.

She used all the lessons she learned from her failed businesses to work better with employees and clients, and saw her efforts pay off handsomely. Additionally, she attributes arriving at the formulation for her products containing Active Bitter Supplement or ABS as a gift from God.

At present, the ABS Herbs products are made available in the US market through Asian and Oriental stores through its US distributor. It has made proprietary boxes for Germany, Austria and Switzerland where it sells a significant volume of CharaGen Ampalaya/ Bitter Melon tea.

The company’s new products include Grace Virgin Coconut Oil® for boosting the immune system, Kolestrim® coconut fiber in capsule for helping reduce bad cholesterol, and Circumax® with Ginseng for better blood circulation. These are already available in all recognized drugstores and selected supermarkets in the Philippines.

The Products

ABS Herbs takes pride in its Bitter Herbs capsules that contain what are called the “7 Power Herbs” - ampalaya (bitter melon), king of bitters (Andrographis paniculata), luyang dilaw (turmeric), saluyot (Corchorus oliturius Linn), Yerba buena (peppermint), lagundi (Vitex negundo) and malunggay (Moringa oleifera).

The company claims that each herb has been thoroughly researched and designed to act in conjunction with one another to enhance overall well being. The WHO and the Philippine Department of Health (DOH) have also classified Ampalaya/Bitter melon, one of the seven ingredients in ABS Bitter Herbs, as a rich source of dietary fiber shown to be beneficial to diabetics.

ABS Herbal Tea® contains three herbs: Anise, Peppermint and Ampalaya. This unique combination is said to help promote the right body weight and shape. Unlike other teas, the effect of this tea is said to be gradual, allowing more time for the digestive system to assimilate useful nutrients.

CharaGen® capsules and tea contain carefully selected Philippine ampalaya which has a strong bitter taste. It is highly recommended for people with Diabetes Mellitus and those who have a history of diabetes in the family.

Recent Developments

ABS Bitter Herbs is the first herbal supplement in Southeast Asia to have received certification from NSF International USA, achieved on June 15, 2004 at the Anaheim Convention Center in LA, California, USA

NSF International USA is a non-government organization based in Michigan that has become a world leader in standard development, product certification, education, and risk management for public health and safety. It has written standards and certified products that protect food, water, air, and other consumer products since 1944, in the process developing America’s first truly independent testing standards and product certification program strictly for dietary supplements.

NSF analyzed the Bitter Herbs products for their label claims and for the presence of contaminants such as heavy metals, microbiological growth and toxins. Representatives also visited the manufacturing facility and audited it thoroughly for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

ABS Herbs products have been approved by the Bureau of Food and Drugs, produced under the Philherbs Qualicheck Program, adhering to current Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP), are SGS tested and certified by the NSF International.

ABS Herbs has recently partnered with a large distribution company Diethelm (Philippines) Inc., a unit of Swiss company DKSH and one of the leading distributors of pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare products in South East Asia and the Philippines. Currently, ABS Herbs products are now heavily distributed in majority of drugstores and supermarkets in the country.


Today, ABS Gen Herbs products are highly visible through many forms of advertising – on large billboards along highways, in small signs on sari sari stores, in point of sale displays in drugstores, convenience stores and other specialty outlets, in print via newspapers and magazines, on radio and television as well as publicity releases.

But ABS Gen Herbs hit its highest point and transformed itself into a midnight sensation when singer-performer Gary Valenciano, a well-known diabetic, used and endorsed ABS Bitter Herbs capsule on all the media channels.

Nonoy Zuñiga, another well known singer-performer and medical doctor, also endorsed the product, as well as Dorothy “Joy” Delasin, Fil-Am World Golf Champion of the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA).

Mike Enriquez, one of the Philippines’ credible newscasters, also endorsed ABS Bitter Herbs.

The company added another notch to its level of credibility when former DOH Secretary and now Senator Juan Flavier, M.D., author of the Traditional and Alternative Medicine Act (TAMA) and the “Sampung Halamang Gamot”, and a strong advocate of Philippine herbs and vegetables, used and endorsed the company’s products.

Brand Values

One only needs to look at the roster of ABS Gen Herbs product testimonies to grasp the level of esteem accorded them by their users. Business executives, sportsmen, professionals and even medical practitioners, down to the jeepney driver, have good words to say about the products.

The ABS Gen Herbs logo and its dominant green and yellow colors are easily distinguished even in a trade fair crowd numbering thousands. In the Philippines, if it is not a certain pride, there is nevertheless a comfortable companionship between the company and its thousands of users. The ABS Gen Herbs roomy plastic bag is a much desired giveaway in any local trade fair the company participates in. People like it for its roominess, the surprise product giveaways sometimes tucked inside among the product flyers, and certainly, the warm colors of the sun, the vibrant freshness as well as the health and wellness that green connotes.

Undoubtedly, ABS Gen Herbs and its product logos enjoy the trust of its users. ABS Herbs is a very strong brand that Filipinos take pride in, because it is successful in the local market and fast gaining popular acceptance worldwide. Indeed, from its very humble beginnings, Grace Galindez-Gupana and her products have traveled long and well into Philippine marketing and economic history.

Things You Didn’t Know About ABS Gen Herbs Products

  • Grace Galindez-Gupana narrates that while in the US she met an African-American who asked her to look for certain seeds and herbs in the Philippines he wanted to use as herbal supplements. He gave her procedures and promised to pay US$5,000 for her research. But when she returned to the US to look for him, she never found the herbalist again. So using the seeds and herbs, she herself studied formulations primarily utilizing bitter herbs. The rest is her success story.
  • The NSF International certification is a significant proof of Global Standards Compliance that allows the sale of ABS Gen Herbs products in countries where the NSF logo is an accepted proof of quality. It has effectively transformed ABS Gen Herbs International Corporation into a proudly Filipino global corporation.
  • ABS Herbs sources 90 percent of its raw materials locally, thereby providing livelihood to thousands of farmers.
  • Each herb in ABS Bitter Herbs capsule has long since been used to improve digestion and a remedy to common household illnesses. Lagundi for colds and cough, luyang dilaw for improved digestion, peppermint leaves for the relief of pain and saluyot for a source of phytonutrients. Not all Filipinos know that these herbs can be grown in one’s own backyard.
  • ABS Herbs recently joined the thriving coconut oil industry by launching its own brand of virgin coconut oil – Grace Virgin Coconut Oil.

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ABS Herbal Tea Receives Shoppers Choice Award

Once again, the herbal supplement giant ABS Herbs received an award from the Asia-Pacific Shoppers’ Choice Institute for its blockbuster product ABS Herbal Tea as the No. 1 Herbal Tea Brand in the Philippines in 2004. The award was conferred on the product due to the products effectiveness, affordability, and consumer preference. ABS Herbal Tea is composed of 3 local Philippine herbs that is fiber-rich, which helps flush out toxins, indigestible food, and waste from the body. It helps improve metabolism thereby allowing the body to burn body fats more efficiently. The product is available at Mercury Drug, Watsons, leading drugstores and supermarkets nationwide. ABS Herbs is the only Philippine herbal supplement company listed by the NSF International – The Public Health and Safety Company.


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ABS Herbs Donates New Products
to Cancer Patients

The herbal supplement giant ABS Herbs donated products to the Munting Paraiso – a special section of the Philippine General Hospital which takes care of children afflicted with cancer. ABS Herbs is represented by Grace Gupana – Vice President, together with Miss Earth beauty pageant candidate Shenevelle Dickson, the President’s daughter Luli Arroyo carrying a child with leukemia and beauty expert Ricky Reyes.

The ABS Herbs company has been in the forefront of developing high-quality, internationally accepted herbal supplements. Its new products include Grace Virgin Coconut Oil for boosting the immune system, Kolestrim for reducing bad cholesterol, and Circumax with Ginseng for better blood circulation. It is available in all Mercury Drugstore outlets nationwide.

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Former Philippine Department of Health Secretary endorses ABS Herbs products

Senator Juan Flavier, M.D., author of the Traditional and Alternative Medicine Act (TAMA) and the Sampung Halamang Gamot, former Department of Health Secretary and a strong advocate on the use of Philippine herbs and vegetables supports the herbal supplement giant ABS Herbs – manufacturer of ABS Bitter Herbs capsule containing 7 local herbs from the Philippines. The product provides essentials phytonutrients, antioxidants and fiber that prevent the progression of diseases. Together with Dr. Flavier are (from left) Paul Gupana – ABS Herbs president, Roman Adri – production manager, Dr. Juan Flavier, Rad Saringan – sales manager, Grace Gupana – ABS Herbs vice president, Dr. Flint Reyes – medical director, and Mrs. Susan Flavier.

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Straight From The Heart
Sen. JUAN FLAVIER, MD, MPH, former secretary of health and author of the Traditional and Alternative Medicine ACT (TAMA)


What is the importance of Herbal products?

We have proven that herbal products are very much cost effective and fit very well in the Filipino budget for health care. We have also proven that herbal products are very much effective that is why I am encouraging everyone to patronize them. However, if you feel that these herbal products do not have any effect on you, then by all means, do not use them. Another benefit you can get from herbal products is that they don’t have any side effects. This is because they come from natural sources, unlike the artificial and synthetic medicines that may have dangerous side-effects.

What support does the government give to the herbal industry?

What is important is that we have the Traditional and Alternative Medicine Act that recognizes herbal products. We established the Phil. Institute of Traditional and Alternative Medicine that will be responsible in monitoring the study of herbal products. The landmark Law supports the use of herbal products for the betterment of our country. The prices of western medicines, as well as the cost of medical care, are on a hike. One way of addressing this problem is by patronizing local, traditional and alternative medicines. Such is the result of my bill that was passed into a law.

What is your opinion regarding the circular given out by the DOH about Ampalaya?

You know, here in our country, the use of ampalaya as a medicine is being criticized. In the U.S., there is this so-called NSF, a private, non-profit body that studies herbal products from their contents to their safety profile. ABS Gen Herbs products were accepted by this body as effective and safe to use. That is why ABS Gen Herbs need not explain lengthily when asked about its product effectiveness and safety. It just has to show this certificate logo, a proof that ABS is recognized by the NSF. This only shows that we Filipinos can make it globally. I do hope this will serve as an inspiration to other entrepreneurs to strive hard and make it to the top.
Personally, I , as well as my family and friends, use it. It really helped me a lot, and I strongly recommend it for everyone’s use. This is what I can do as a former Health Secretary and now as a Senator - to advice and encourage the use of local products in order to help our country ‘s economy. With this way we can cut down our expenses for medicines, and health care cost. This product is tried and tested. For those who are using the product, continue using it; however, if you don’t feel good about it, then do not use it.

What is the importance of being NSF-International registered?

NSF-International is a non-government organization based in Michigan, USA. It is a world leader in standard development, product certification, education and risk management for public health and safety. ABS Herbs received the certification award of NSF. Its product is known and is being patronized worldwide. It is sad to know that here in our country, we do not honor these kinds of products, when this is one way whereby we can help our economy to rise, and we just let that opportunity slip away.

Final Message:

I am very happy that finally, ABS Herbs is recognized globally. Also, I’m asking our countrymen who do not recognize this product, to be aware that we are way behind other countries, and that we have to help ourselves and our country’s economy. Let’s do away with crab mentality, and help one another. We have already seen that ABS Herbs is recognized internationally. Why can’t we? Let’s patronize our own products. This will be our first step in developing our economy.

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Golden Shell Award
Prestigious Price for Export Leadership and Excellence

The Department of Trade and Industry of the Philippines through the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions once again recognizes export companies that have become trailblazers in the international market with the Golden Shell Awards.

Started in 1983, the Golden Shell award is the most prestigious award given to export companies for their exemplary performance and contributions to the export market through excellence in design, manufacturing, and marketing.

ABS GEN Herbs International Corp. was given the Rising Star Award as a special citation at the 6th Golden Shell Awards 2002. The award was conferred to ABS Gen Herbs for introducing the first Filipino ampalaya-based products – ABS Bitter Herbs capsule, ABS Herbal Tea, Charagen Forte Bitter Melon (Ampalaya) capsule and Charagen Bitter Melon (Ampalaya) Tea to the world market.

These Philippine Bureau of Food and Drugs – approved products were promoted and exhibited by the Department of Trade and Industry through the Center for Trade Exposition and Mission in the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California, in 2001 and 2002.

Certified by the following independent laboratories and organizations:

NSF International
SGS Tested
Good Manufacturing Processes of production facility
Bureau of Food and Drugs
PhilHerbs QualiCheck Program


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